StoryTechnologies Open Source Libraries

The StoryTechnologies application will consist of several parts, two of which are already available as open source projects on GitHub with a permissive MIT license:

  • TopicDB: a topic map-based graph library (and the foundation of the StoryTechnologies platform).
  • StoryEngine: the combination of a high-level semantic description of stories with the means to store and retrieve said description — based on TopicDB.

In addition, TopicDB is available as a Python package on the official Python Package Index (PyPI), here: topic-db. TopicDB officially supports Python 3.3–3.6. To install TopicDB, simply:

pip install topic-db

StoryTechnologies Version 2.0

I have decided to re-start the StoryTechnologies project. I had the idea for an interactive storytelling application close to three-and-half years ago. However, at some point I lost focus and pursued several other interests, including game development.

Nonetheless, the idea of an application to create and share interactive 3D stories on the web never entirely left me. Specifically, over the last couple of months, my thoughts on the matter have seemingly come together resulting in a clear vision for how a “story building” application will behave and what it will look like.

So, it’s my intention to start the development of the application and document the process as much as possible here, on this blog. One reason for blogging about the development of the application is to put the idea out there and see if it flies. Another reason is the self-motivational aspect of writing about what you are doing —and, hopefully other people finding it of interest— combined with the value of having the development process itself and the various technical decision points along the way, documented.

I will see you again, in the place where no shadows fall. — Ambassador Delenn, Babylon 5